1/18 Pandora One (USA #1)

$170.00 AUD

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In collaboration with Solido from France, we bring to you RWB USA's original Sema 2011 debut - Mark Arcenal's "Pandora One".

Pandora One had many incarnations, and this is as original as you can get. The first iteration powered by FFTEC built single blown turbine, on a 964 chassis clad with the double side-skirted RWB 964 kit. Even the roll cage was replicated onto this 1:18 scaled model. Beautifully cast in metal complete with operable doors and operable steering.

The naming of Pandora One was simple: Nakai-san listened to a radio station all through out the build, and at the end of the build, he asked "What station is this?". The rest was history.

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