Spare Parts - RWB Books Repair

$30.00 AUD

[NOTE: Delivery of this product resumes in July 2024. RWB Australia is on a sabbatical. Some products on limited supply]

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We know some of you book owners find our RWB books irresistible and hard to let go, yet were kind enough to share the Rough World Book phenomena with your best friends and family, or bore your partner every night about Porsches.

Accidents happen and so does wear and tear - wait till you see our books in Nakai-san's shop - its really worn out with character. The RWB V2 (Serial #1) in Nakai-san's possession once travelled to USA by mistake on a fan's backpack and back again. Meanwhile, the dust jackets, being the first "line of defense" for your precious possession, is one of the things that is replaceable.

Volume 1 Dust Jacket - Nakai-san's hands, 2nd picture.
Volume 2 Dust Jacket - Natty Dread Jr in warp speed, 3rd picture.

As these books are printed to the serial numbers. If your book is damaged, we offer a full repair-and-replace service for a fraction of the cost of the book. We have also kept a good number of pages and binds in anticipation for the future. Much like a car, books are meant to be read and maintained. Get in touch with us for more information.

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