Rotana Cutaway Diagram

$77.00 AUD

RWB "Rotana" 993, artwork by Arttawut Kanwana (b. 1984-2022)

In memory of Arttawut “Ohm” Kanwana - The Artist’s Artist.

Starting our collaboration from 2016 through Nukung’s introduction, Ohm is the single artist who defined the printed media of RWB Akira Nakai's and RWB Australia’s cars. Owning these cars are a privilege and impossible to many, yet he made it possible for everyone to have the dream of owning a RWB. We find thousands of people having his art on their garages, living rooms and even on children’s bedroom walls. His work gave us hope while we have to stay at home during the difficult past two years. Rotana drawing was our Covid project. We made so many versions, and he drew them all and finished it on the 8th of February 2022.

Ohm leaves behind his parents, his family and friends, his dearly beloved wife and his cat. Ohm also loves cars and he loves his work deeply. He gets excited when he sees his work all over the world. We shall remember Ohm, this talented, kind hearted, peace loving and genuine young man, with his final and 19th work in production for RWB.

What the world needs now is love.

Thank you for your work Ohm-san. We love you.

Artwork is sized 910(w)x610(h)mm. Printed on 250gsm silk paper on 4 colour process.

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