Ramintra V2 Skatedeck

$95.00 AUD On Sale

We pay tribute to the sexy silver Heavenly Ramintra, the personal workhorse of Akira Nakai named after the street of Autohaus RWB Thailand - honouring the first RWB built outside of the humble little shop in Kashiwa, Japan. Surviving 6 endurance races since 2012, Nakai-san rebuilt Ramintra into a Heavenly-wide 993 kit, symbolising a rebirth of his noble steed.

In collaboration with artist Studiohm and photographer Aaron Chung. Designed by Chern.

Limited run of 100 decks.

Silver and gold special effect print onto a seven-layer 8" maple board. Final production photo shown.

Photos shown are likely to appear differently on different devices, please review carefully prior to purchase.

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