SoCro "Hoverboard" Skatedeck

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[Note 1:]
33 boards with 33 prints world-wide. Limited, numbered and named. Pick your number at check out.

[Note 2:]
Owner's name will be printed on artwork, please note should you wish to exclude your name on the board and print.]

[Note 3:]
All orders come with an identical artwork on fine quality print, measuring approx. 70cm x 20cm, suitable for framing.

A continuation of SoCro, where Fifth Element meets Steam Punk. Created by French Artist Josué Chevrel who also heads up Speedster Magazine as the Chief Editor. Slight hints of the shape of SoCro V2 to come, with the full car to be revealed in Nakai-san's 2023 visit. Be sure to grab the opportunity to sign SoCro's new wing too.

I personally admire Josué's work, it's different; at the risk of sounding oxy-moronic, I find it subtly bold. Check out his page in this link here and his wonderfully curated Speedster Magazine here.

Constructed of 7 layer Canadian Maple into an 8" deck, UV resistant printed vinyl laminate artwork. Artwork on each board is laminated by hand and requires 4 weeks to produce.

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