Fan of SoCro

$1,200.00 AUD

[Two product types on offer - SoCro's original fan at birth and a new paint-to-order fan for your air cooled 911 engine, prices in AUD.]

The original fan painted by Vito of Polobodyworks, installed on Southern Cross is up for grabs. I installed this unit in a rush for Nakai-san's arrival to build SoCro back in 2015, did not seat the fan properly on the half moon shaft, leading to pulley and spacer slippage - inadvertently damaging the fan. The things that we learn from the working on our cars...

The original fan is up for grabs, however Vito and I are offering you complete, brand new painted units of the "SoCro Pink" engine cooling impeller for your air cooled engines to dress up your engine bay - from G-series to 993 engines. (See product options for engine types and product codes).

We also offer custom colour match fans to your 911 from the factory colour code, message us on the webshop for enquiry.

Turnaround time for orders - 1 month.

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