RWB Tools (Last set)

$280.00 AUD

[Last set available. Deliveries October 2020]

A stella-inspired set of phillips drivers made by OSK Tools for RWB Japan. These black-and-gold collection of tools live inside the "frunk" of SoCro and RWB garages worldwide.

OSK Tools are a Tier-1 OEM tool manufacturer for some of the best known tool companies such as DEEN and Kyoto Tool Company (KTC) in Japan. If it's good enough for KTC, it's good enough for RWB.

Phillips (+) drivers in the box sized as follows:

PH0 x 60
PH1 x 18
PH2 x 38
PH2 x 100
PH3 x 125

Slotted (-) drivers in the box sized as follows:

SL3 x 60
SL4 x 80
SL5.5 x 100
SL6.5 x 38
SL6.5 x 125
SL8 x 150

Handle material: Polypropylene + Thermoplastic Rubber

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