Porsche Carrera - And The Early Years of Motorsport

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[Investment-grade, Porsche Museum Edition Book - last copy]

A winning brand that built their reputation on reliability, the "Carrera" badge was won by Porsche's fore-father for future generations.

The words "Porsche" and "Carrera" are synonymous in today's 911 but how did it all began? Through the words of Rolf Sprenger, an employee of Porsche for 40 years, Sprenger details Porsche's winning of the Carrera Panamericana races of Mexico through detailing the evolution of the 356, the 550 Spyder and the 904 Carrera GTS; Porsche's juvenile, triple crown jewels of the flat-4, quad-cam (in the 50s!) Fuhrmann days.

First editions and still in wraps. 860 pages of race photos, blue prints, diagrams and vintage marketing graphics from the archives of Porsche Museum. Also includes a full spec sheet and chassis number list of all the early race cars bearing Fuhrmann's flat-4 engine (1953-1965).

We managed to secure 3 copies of this out-of-print Porsche Museum publication from 2017. If you thought the previous 911 x 911 book was heavy, this tops it. Rare investment-grade quality publication from Porsche Museum. It's so rich in detail, we bought one to read, and another to keep.

Book measures 245mm x 305mm x 60mm thick and weighs 5kg. Book ships safely with insurance and shipped alone to prevent damages.

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