NOS - RWB Hanzo #7 Hoodie

$240.00 AUD

Found new old stock 1pcs Small and 1pcs 2XL from shelf.

[Limited edition white on navy hoodies, 40 pcs only]

The Story of Hanzō, Australia's #7 RWB.

鬼の半蔵, oni no Hanzō, or "Demon Hanzō", a nickname known to a famed samurai with devilish sword fighting skills who guarded the Japanese Imperial family centuries ago and later honoured with his name on the West gate of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

In the spirit of Australia's number 7 car, Nakai-san and Chern chose to name Chris' RWB "Hanzō" for this ex-keirin racer from South Australia with a fearless gaze. That the rear print designed to the motif of the katana handle, down-stroked into number “7” - one could argue the Samurais and the Shoguns holster their swords at the waist, we opine that coolness lies in swords drawn out off the back of a warrior's shoulder.
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