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Ramintra V2 Skatedeck


Image of Ramintra V2 Skatedeck
  • Image of Ramintra V2 Skatedeck

Deliveries end of June 2018.

We pay tribute to the sexy silver Heavenly Ramintra, the personal workhorse of Akira Nakai named after the street of Autohaus RWB Thailand - honouring the first RWB built outside of the humble little shop in Kashiwa, Japan. Surviving 6 endurance races since 2012, Nakai-san rebuilt Ramintra into a Heavenly-wide 993 kit, symbolising a rebirth of his noble steed.

In collaboration with artist Studiohm and photographer Aaron Chung. Designed by Chern Wong.

Limited run of 100 decks.

Silver and gold special effect print onto a seven-layer 8" maple board. Final production photo shown.

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